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Telling your love story through the lens of my camera is my passion. My mission is to make this special day calm and fun, and capture your big moments well beyond your expectations.



My job is to tell your love story. Your photographer is the only vendor that you’ll spend the entire day with, so my first priority will be ensuring that you feel comfortable and at ease. Let's talk style and technique. I shoot truth: the raw and emotional connection. That’s why it’s important that we click on the type of images you’re after, before we get too deep in the weeds! My style is fresh, candid and unrehearsed. My technique is interactive – ensuring you get the photos you’re after.

I have 14  years of experience photographing weddings. What makes me unique is my ability to create: I know the difference between waiting for shots, and making epic shots happen. I embrace the unexpected and most importantly, I adapt to the environment I’m shooting in. Are you a little awkward or camera shy? I’ll be there to coach you. Did the light change, or the clouds roll in?  We’ll use that to tell the story.

Photography is dynamic – that’s what I love about it – it’s all part of the narrative.

We tailor your day around your personality, your budget, and your priorities. After the wedding, the best images are selected and edited in-house to create special visual pieces that can transform your living space with you as the work of art! Your day should be fun, festive and leave you with a gallery of beautiful images that will transport you back to the big day, time and again.


* I accept a limited amount of weddings per year, so contact me as soon as you book your venue!


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