Every woman is a

“gorgeous photo waiting to happen”,
regardless of age, body type or any other circumstances.

It’s time to allow yourself a little indulgence. Aren’t you worth it?

Velvet by Suzzie Harding Photography is a Boudoir Brand I have created to showcase boudoir imagery for my clients.  My studio is located in Chilliwack, and clients come from all over the Fraser Valley, Vancouver included!  I look forward to seeing you!

Your Chilliwack Boudoir Photographer


Not one woman’s story is alike, therefore, each photo shoot, and the resulting images, are uniquely your own. 

Honestly it will be the most fun you never thought you’d have! That’s my promise! I pride myself in being able to coax out the most attractive, graceful and sexy poses and reveal you at your very best angles. A leotard or an off-the-shoulder oversized sweater can sometimes be just as sexy as a bustier or a garter belt.

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We have many customized sets according to your choice with many luxury amenities in our personalized packages.

My beautiful bright studio fosters a warm, inviting and sensual environment that immediately puts my clients at ease and sets the mood for a transformational experience. After a photography session with us, you will leave emblazoned, brimming with a positive new perspective of yourself. Not only will you be holding your head higher and loving that reflection a little more, you will have priceless tangible memories to serve as life time reminders of your experience.

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Your Empowerment Coach

Providing a space for grace, self-love, growth and true inner beauty is a passion and a gift I nourish daily and enjoy extending to empower women. My life’s mission beyond being a photographer is to inspire as many people as I can.

It’s easy to get distracted in this world, to forget how powerful we are. If we’re not carefully conscious, people will try and dim our lights. And before we know it, we’ve become someone we don’t recognize

We must always be looking for new ways to grow, thrive and shine in the beautiful glow we all embody. This usually includes doing the uncomfortable. It is only when we push through the fear that we realize it was a silly voice in our head.

We have to become self-aware of the negative thoughts that can bleed into all areas of our life. We have to protect and nurture this light! My goal as your photographer is to help peel away those layers of fears and redirect your mind. Even it’s for a couple hours, my mission is for you to leave in the presence of your strength and beauty in a new way. You are more powerful than you think, always!

I hope to forever change your life!

The Reveal

My favorite! The joy, relief, awe, and praise that happens here is the glaze on the donut for me. I don’t want it without it! Nothing makes me happier as a commissioned artist than reveling in my client’s praise and approval. I’ve run a portrait business for some time now and it’s rare that women walk into the reveal thinking they killed it and that they’re going to have a hard time actually narrowing down their photos to 10 or 15.

I love blowing my clients away, and really I love blowing my own damn self away. I look at each shoot as just another way to outdo myself and add another milestone to the track record.

I ask clients to carve out 90 minutes for the reveal. This gives us time to catch up, chat a little before the show. Then we go through them one by one. Once we have narrowed down the best of the best, we curate your amazing collection by looking at the various expressions, poses, and outfits. The result is a collection of photos you can’t live without!

From there we discuss options. I show you albums, boxes, prints, and other fun products to display your sexy photos in.

Digital packages take 14-20 business days for completion. Prints, Album, and boxes can take 3-6 weeks. 


The first step in getting to know each other is having a brief conversation to ensure I’m the right photographer for you. Choosing the best fit photographer is an important decision to make and it’s my pleasure to discuss every detail with you. I will walk you through the experience and answer your questions. As a result, you will get a sense of who I am, what I can offer you and if what I provide is What you genuinely need.

Each woman who walks into my studio or is in front of my camera is special and it’s important to me that I know you are. I want your shoot to be the best it can be, so I cover everything from wardrobe to mood boards, from styling, hair/makeup to preparation. My goal is to design a totally unique shoot for you!

I’ve been shooting portraits of women for over well over a decade now and it’s been an extraordinary journey!  I’ve met so many incredible women along the way. Women I’ll never forget, women who have touched my heart and left a stamp on my soul.

I feel completely honored to do what I do!

I don’t just take great photos, I compose, direct and make them.  My goal/purpose is to cultivate and portray you in your very best essence and to create art for you! Photos worthy of being enlarged life size and that you could look at and enjoy for your entire lifetime.

Session Planning

We like to hear what you are envisioning and learn more about who you are so we can plan the session of your dreams.

This serves a two-way purpose; we get to know you intimately beforehand to effectively plan a shoot and you get excited about our session together.

It puts you at ease before the shoot as you will have a pre-established connection with us and know what to expect.

 Some sessions are based on specific milestones, like one client’s 50th birthday . Other clients find art as a healing mechanism, to recover from the death of a loved one, a double mastectomy or to regain confidence after a divorce or breakup. And yet other times, our sessions are to mark a celebration, such as remission from breast cancer, wedding gifts for the groom, bachelorette parties or a special anniversary. 

No matter what type of session you have with us, it is about comfort, fun and luxury

Posing, Guiding, Directing

I’m pretty gifted in this department and it’s something that just comes very naturally to me  from thousands and thousands of hours I’ve spent over the course of the last 15 years to get to where I am today! Lots of mistakes and years of critiques is what it takes. I’ve shot    weddings, children, animals, and models,  for the past decade. These experiences have provided me with an incredible direction and posing repertoire. I love guiding my clients to try poses they would have never thought they could do, poses that make their eyes sparkle with glee when they view the final clicks. Choosing a photographer who knows posing is super duper uber important and especially if this is something you have not done before.

You need a Photographer who knows the right angles to make your photos the best they can be. If you shoot with me, you can count on me to be directing you the entire time. I’ll be guiding you where to look, bend, and squeeze while reminding you to breathe as you conduct the perfect tease. It’s basically a sexy game of Simon Says!


Suzzie Harding

Studio Photographer



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Velvet by Suzzie Harding Photography is located in Chilliwack, Heart of the Fraser Valley

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