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About Us

Photography has been my deepest passion since I was a kid. When asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” a photographer was always my answer.  Starting in 2004 I entered the Visual Arts Program at the University of the Fraser Valley, majoring in Photography. I set up my professional studio in 2008 where I began
experimenting with style and different genre’s, finding my newborn and maternity niche after the birth of my daughter in late 2013. My education in art led me to expand into the production of props that I
not only stock my studio with but also retail for other photography professionals.
I believe that the creative process is a journey, not a destination, so I continue to educate myself and perfect my craft by taking workshops in new or unique genres which continue to inspire and challenge my creative edge. In 2020 I launched Velvet, my Boudoir division. It was a natural segue that celebrates the beauty of women in any and every stage of their life. I thrive on finding that natural, candid look, ensconced in amazing light or moody velvet tones.
When I take a photograph, I am visualizing a piece of fine art hanging on your wall – a snapshot of time to be enjoyed for years to come.
Every day I look forward to working with existing clients and meeting new ones; sharing the privilege of catching those special and fleeting moments of life.



Creating beautiful art and connecting with clients

has been one of the greatest joys in my life, and gets all

my creative juices flowing.   Showing a client the back of

my camera and hearing the "*gasp* THAT'S ME?" is what 

I live for!

No longer will your gorgeous images be hiding in your 

phone or computer hard drive, offering a full service

studio providing you with Heirloom quality Artwork to 

adorn your walls, shelves and coffee tables. 


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