P. Family {Langley Family Photography}

Sometimes circumstances that bring us together are a bit different, and when I booked with Jessica, I felt a certain urgency, we just had to get this photo session in immediately, so when friday morning arrived, and there was a torrential downpour outside, I made the call I usually do, lets reschedule, but Jessica wanted them today, no matter what! I quickly thought of all the places I have been, and what will keep us the driest, so we met at a little park in Aldergrove that has a neat little covered shelter, and a LOT of trees for canopy, and we made it work! I then learned the urgency, and that a friend of theirs recently lost someone very dear to them FAR too soon, and that you just never know when it's too late. Cherish the moments you have, make memories, and hug your littles. Here are your sneak peeks Jessica, and see you in 2 months for your next session :)


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